We proudly grow vine tomatoes
year round in a sustainable way!

verse tomaten in een krat

Vine tomatoes

Tomatoes find their origin in South America. Over the years, new cultivation techniques and varieties have emerged in such a way that vine tomatoes have become a key ingredient in healthy meals. Grower Oussoren has been cultivating these tasty tomatoes for more than 25 years. We specifically chose to cultivate large vine tomatoes, because these tomatoes are particularly suitable to be used in preparing a delicious tomato soup or pasta sauce. Also, this tomato will taste delightful on a sandwich.

“Sustainable cultivation
is the responsibility
of our generation”


Grower Oussoren has a long successful history. Our story begins in the 1940s with the purchase of a small piece of land in De Lier with the intention to grow vegetables there. Over the years, various crops have been cultivated here, such as lettuce, cauliflower, carnations, chrysanthemums and tomatoes. In the 1990s we started to specialize in growing tomatoes.

Our knowledge about growing tomatoes runs in the family and has always been passed down from father to son. The now successful company is led by the third generation of Oussoren, namely Stefan and Jasper. Hard work and love for the profession and products have always been the basis with which the company has managed to grow into a modern, sustainable grower of top-quality vine tomatoes.


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Prominent and Coöperatie DOOR

Grower Oussoren is a member of both grower cooperative Prominent and DOOR. At Prominent, we work with other growers to ensure that consumers can enjoy healthy, tasty tomatoes every day. By combining the knowledge of the members of Prominent in the areas of cultivation, business operations and other matters, we help each other to improve every day for our customers. At the moment, more than ten varieties have already been grown within Prominent, with the most favourite being the traditional vine tomato, the tasty cocktail vine tomato and the snack tomato.

Together with three other growers’ associations, sales, marketing and innovation have been outsourced to Cooperative DOOR. This makes DOOR an important partner.